Technical information

Multi-function lifts

The travel rails of the lifting gear serve to lift the vehicle, while providing an accessible area, hence a non-slip base (bulb plate) is incorporated.

General conditions

  • Workshop use
  • robust function and design
  • protected design
  • maintenance-free for 1 year
  • service-friendly drive
  • Noise development ca. 70 dBA

The lifting gear has an electrohydraulic drive. The hydraulic unit is located next to the travel rail, making it maintenance-friendly and protected (floor mounting). The lifting gear is operated via push buttons (dead man's control). The platform unit is also used for the post-lift mechanism and optionally for the access ramp, whereby switching occurs electrically and automatically. Storage of the post-lift mechanism has a maintenance-free design. Due to an idle stroke of 100mm, the full bearing capacity of 4,000kg is ensured from this point.