Sample applications

Sample applications

Loading area scissor lift

ADE-WERK loading area scissor lifts are optimised for loading and unloading trucks and goods vehicles on ramps and in open spaces. Depending on the version, the operator can accompany the transported goods on the platform.
Substantial accessories complete the range such as, e.g. railings, access doors, housing, control sections, etc.

Heavy load scissor lift

ADE heavy load scissor lifts are robust industrial versions of lifting devices with up to 100 tons carrying capacity. Steel construction is designed as an option for every operation case relating to a project.

Shaft scissor lift

Shaft lift tables from ADE-WERK are, as a rule, constructions that run maximum 2 levels of a building. The focus here is the transportation of goods and, in some cases, the conveyance of persons. Substantial accessories complete the range such as, e.g. railings, access doors, housing, control sections, etc.

Conveyor technology/plant engineering

The lift tables for plant engineering from ADE-WERK are constructed according to high demands with respect to switch frequency, lifespan, reliability, precision, etc. from the industry.

Handling area

Scissor lifting tables for simple occupations, loadings,  occasional height adjustments  till light plant engineering with limited duty cycles (approx.. 10 cycles per hour, optional up to 20 cycles per hour)

Coil handling

ADE-WERK offers a substantial component program to be applied in the coil handling technology. This includes lift tables used as coil cars, coil storages, turning systems, turnstiles and much more. As a matter of course, all components for use in a harsh environment are designed with the high reliability demanded of them.

Stacking applications

ADE scissor lifts for stacking applications are lifting devices designed to lower or lift in precise steps. Generally, they are implemented where flat work pieces, for example wooden planks, boards and cartons are to be stacked and unstacked from a machine. The cycle control occurs by means of light barriers, initiators, manually or by the weight on the platform.
The delivery range includes substantial accessories for this operation.

(Photo Fa. Paul Feederle GmbH,

Hanging installation

With consideration of a safe installation, ADE scissors lift tables can also be installation hanging, i.e. they operate by pulling forces. In circumstances, these can be an interesting alternative to traditional hangers or cranes.

Hanging installation