Technical information


Features of screw driven ADE lift tables:

  • For high positioning precision
  • For sustained height positioning
  • Quick-change option of the complete drive
  • Screw suspension based on the principle of a shaft with a universal joint
  • Oil leak-free
  • Simple selection and control by means of current components
  • Optimised power requirements via the shear curve ("ADE roller lift table")
  • Minimised wear due to performance optimisation without force peaks
  • Minimal maintenance costs


With screw driven scissor lifts from ADE, depending on the demand and operation case, trapezoidal screws are used or ball screw drive.

Acme thread screws have the characteristic that they are self-locking and thus offer a great advantage regarding work safety.
Ball screw drives are used in dynamic operations or at high switch frequencies. An additional safety provision must be created at the workplace.

Through the curve geometry on the scissors, the so-called "roller cam technology" at ADE-WERK, a linear force and speed course in the drive is guaranteed for the entire lift.
Consequently, force peaks can be excluded; they can significantly influence the life span of the components applied. Likewise, an optimised power consumption is secured.

The well thought out suspension of the screw drive is so designed that there is a guarantee at all times that bending moments and sheer forces cannot affect the screw. Only in this way can an optimal lifespan be achieved.

The preconception that, in the event of a malfunction, a screw lift table must stand still for a long time for the repairs can be eliminated with the construction of two-sided roller technology.
The drive in ADE screw lifting tables can be completely exchanged within minutes, given there is full access to the drive.