Technical information

Our products incorporate a number of solutions in connection with electric lifting actuators as standard.

  • Up to 2000 kN
  • Up to a stroke 12 m

The constantly increasing pressure to rationalise and automatise has allowed the demand for reliable, low maintenance drives for linear movement to grow rapidly in recent years.

The ADE electrical linear actuator which operates on the screw principle presents, in many cases, a technically and economically more favourable variant compared to the other drive systems, in particular due to the low susceptibility to failure and, therefore, offering greater operation security but also due to the low operation and maintenance costs arising from this.

The built-in screw is operated by an electric motor. With the screw nut as well as with the precisely directed piston rod bound to it, the rotating movement is converted into a linear movement and transferred to the element to be moved.

As a result of the closed construction, the device is insensitive to water, dirt and dust. Depending on the nature of the surrounding conditions, special materials, lacquering and possibly additional protection regulations are used.

Available for selection are an optimally staged lift actuator program with lift forces from 4 kN to 80 kN, stroke lengths over 3,000 mm and lifting speed up to 800 mm/sec. Linear actuators can be optionally fitted with trapezoidal screw, ball screw or planetary roller screw drives depending of the operation.

Application fields are found in all industrial sectors. Rapid, precise positioning tasks with added servomotors or stepper motors (robotics, handling), robust applications in open space (waste water treatment technology, mining) as well as fields with high hygienic demands (food and medical technology) are typical cases for operation.
In addition to a comprehensive standard program, ADE has, by virtue of its vast experience, a large selection of special designs for the most diverse operation cases.