Technical information

Mini lift gear load up to 1000 daN

  • Drive unit with a direct current gear motor for simple movements with low duty cycle. Duty cycle of max. 20%
  • performance with rotating trapezoid threaded drive screw (type "d") or with stationary trapezoid threaded drive screw (type "s").
  • Various sizes for different operation cases:
    - Mini Lift Gear MT-10-d
      12 Volts or 24 Volts closed design max. 120 daN
    - Mini Lift Gear MT-10-s
    12 Volts or 24 Volts open design max. 120 daN
    - Mini Lift Gear MT-16-d
      0-48 Volts closed design max. 1000 daN
    - Mini Lift Gear MT-16-s
      0-48 Volts open design max. 1000 daN

  •  Numerous accessories and special designs complete the delivery program:

    - Electronic limit switches for MT-10-d; MT-10-s, MT-16-d, MT-16-s
    - Electronic shut down in case of overload and at the end position
    - Housing for electronic limit switch is without a control panel
    - For direct current 12 volts or 24 volts
    - With a transformer for alternating current 230 volts

  • Ancillary equipment for MT-10-d; MT-10-s,
    - Swivel bracket
    - Pedestal bearing

  • Ancillary equipment for MT-16-d and MT-16-s
    - Pedestal bearing MT-30301
    - Bearing pin MT-30302
    - Pivot bearings MT-30303