ADE-WERK was founded in Offenburg by Arthur Ade. The company´s main focus initially was the production and sale of tow couplings for trucks and passenger cars as well as machine and metal cleaning equipment.


Expansion of the rotary clothes driers and motor brakes product range as well as exhaust gas valves for commercial motor vehicles. ADE obtained numerous product patents in these sectors.


Expansion of the awnings and electric linear actuator product range.


Development of agencies in Europe for the motor brakes division.


Development of agencies in Europe for the electric linear actuator division.


Takeover of ADE-WERK GmbH by Jaroslav Seidl as the new managing director and shareholder. ADE electric linear actuators soon achieve a world-wide reputation as a quality product, often pre-specified, due to the robust construction, longevity of operation and precision manufacturing. ADE actuators are used in the automotive sector, rail- and tramways, aerospace, water treatment, marine engineering, packaging, medical equipment, test and simulation equipment, X-ray machines and large satellite dish antennae.


Expansion of the lifting technology product range. Acquisition of NAGEL scissor lift designs. The development of own-brand scissor lift begins in parallel.


First installation of a large actuator for canal gates. The experience gained from four decades in the drive technology sector provides the basis for the success of the ADE electric linear actuator as a positioning mechanism for the actuation of sluice gates and weir systems on shipping canals.


Construction of a paint shop and the realisation of the first large contracts for multiple scissor lifting platforms. 145 scissor lifts are delivered to BMW for their production line (Spartanburg, USA).


Ongoing restructuring and expansion of the ADE product range and service programme. The focus of the company becomes exclusively the development, production and sales of electric linear actuator drive technology and scissor lift platforms. The company now offers a substantial product range and has achieved international recognition with a customer base of many well-known industrial companies.


After 25 years as sole managing partner, Mr. Seidl is taking his well-deserved retirement. Always with the well-being of the company and partners in mind, Mr. Seidl has led the company through ups and downs and made it what ADE-WERK stands for today. He is now succeeded by Mr Schaufuß, whom we are pleased to welcome as our new managing director. We wish Mr Schaufuß all the best and much success in his new position.


Efficient ergonomic working

An upright, barrier-free working position at all times was the requirement of a Bavarian car manufacturer. The result was a new series of our multi-function lift.


ADE goes hand in hand with Industry 4.0

First delivery of a heavy duty scissore lift table with remote maintenance system.
The system is designed to enable and facilitate remote maintenance from our headquarters. The aim is to offer the customer an all-round service for our products and thus counteract additional environmental pollution and reduce costs.


70th anniversary
This year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of our company ADE-WERK GmbH.
More than 70 years have passed since it all started. Years of continuous research, expansion and resilience.

From simple metal parts, motor brakes, awnings and rotary clothes dryers to the electrification of locks and weirs, ADE has become a market leader in the drive technology sector in hydraulic engineering.
ADE has already supplied more than 1,300 drives with a payload of up to 160t to rivers and lakes all over Europa and Russia.

When it comes to lifting technology, particularly in the automotive industry, time and time again, ADE is also our customers’ first choice. Today, lifting technology products by ADE are used by most car manufacturers around the world. We strive to maintain, develop and demonstrate this position every single day.


ADE-WERK GmbH is proud to announce that it has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. The certificate has been awarded for the development, manufacture and sale of electric linear actuators and lifting tables for various application areas.